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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 17, 2009 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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good night from l.a. . tonight. . . bill: the "the factor" is on tonight. >> let me tell you what is good in the bill that dr. dean forgot to tell people about this morning. hammering howard dean and other far left zealots because they won't support the health care bill. what do you think about obama care? we'll have the latest poll numbers. >> you work for us. you work for us. you work for us. bill: a new poll says the tea party is gaining strength while the democrats and the republicans are losing support. will a new populace movement take root in america? >> u.s.a. >> he asked me to text him a naked photo of myself. >> american teenagers are sectioning like crazy. now, a new tv ad addresses that. >> he promised he wouldn't show it to anyone and i love him so i dd section continuing 25 dd.
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. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the president calls out howard deane. enough. he wants control the industry in the u.s.a. he wants this because it's an excellent way to redistribute income. take money through taxation and give it to the less wealthy through benefits and free health insurance. president obama knows that think something rejected by most americans so mr. obama will settle for a new healthcare system that he believes provides some protection for working americans but is not controlled by the feds. at this point, president obama needs to pass any kind of health care bill to avoid huge political damage. that is likely to happen in january, but howard dean and his merry band of radicals are not going away quietly. thus we have a war in the
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democratic party. very similar to what's going on in the republican party. you have the committed right the sarah palin crew vs. moderate republicans the john mccain people. the polling on obama care is very interesting. the most recent rasmussen poll among likely voters shows 56% of them now oppose obama care. the highest level ever. just 40% support it. ironically at this point you have the far left and conservative people both opposing obama care as senator mccain pointed out. >> if you live long enough, all things can happen. i now find myself in complete agreement with dr. howard dean who says that we should stop this bill in its tracks, we should go back to the beginning and have an overall bipartisan agreement. dr. dean, i am with you. bill: and dean promptly fainted. talking points continues to be very skeptical of obama care. it fails to stop nuisance lawsuits against doctors and other medical personnel. it fails to provide competition
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among health industry insurance companies by allowing them to sell across state lines. and it's basically a confusing hodge hodgepodge of stuff nobody can understand, including the president. with trillions of dollars in play, 56% of american voters are correct. this is not a good piece of legislation. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, how do conservative americans feel about howard dean being on their side? joining us from washington, fox news analyst and radio talk show star laura ingraham. i understand you and dr. dean have a dinner date tonight. >> oh, yeah. like you and michelle obama. we are like this. bill: michelle and i have very close. >> i'm gushing over your gushing last night about the christmas party. i'm still trying to get over that. bill: i called you out on this. i thought she was very nice at the party. i thought she treated everybody respectfully. and you are giving me a hard time about that because i reported honestly. >> what was she going to do not allow you next to the punch bowl? of course she is going to be nice to you.
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bill: i reported what happened. >> i don't remember you gushing over laura bush. bill: you have a bad memory, miss laura, i said when laura bush gave the initial speech in 2000 i was the first broadcaster to say this woman gave an extraordinary speech on education. so you don't know what you are talking about. don't call me out on that. >> did you eat an acorn cookie last night? bill: oh, bull. you have a blind idealogue who even if someone is nice to you you won't admit it because you are talking about a kool-aid drinker. come on. you have an id attached to your arm on cooling aid. >> they are a beautiful family. let's talk about the health care bill. bill: all right. >> howard dean, if howard dean is able to kill this bill, bill, i will be thrilled, believe me. but we are not on the same side of the debate, obviously. my point on this all along has been that conservatives and independents, independent-thinking citizens of this country have already won this debate, right? i mean, the nbc, "wall street journal" poll, the abc-"the washington post" poll, rasmussen-gallup, it is indispute dollars now -- not in
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dispute that we have won this debate. the people that want this health care bill for democrats don't seem to care. but the idea that it hasn't gone far enough to spend money or to redistribute money, which is what howard dean thinks is ridiculous. i mean, i think. bill: of course. but, look, everybody knows the conservative people and you are one of those, don't want the government running the health cair industry. i mean, the government can't even get the planes to take off and we're going to run the health care industry? it's ridiculous. >> right. bill: however, the end justifies the means and right now you have as john mccain pointed out, howard dean being on your side. if howard dean can mobilize his crazy left crew, they might be able to get this thing stopped. >> well, here is what we have now. we have this unique situation, bill, where barack obama has mobilized the left, the middle, and the right against what he is trying to do on health care. i mean, i don't know when the last time that has happened. bill: the left still support him. it's the far left that don't
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support him. >> well, i think the left sciu isn't happy about this. bill: they are not happy but the "new york times" and the network news organizations, they still want this -- >> -- well, i think the narrative now, bill, is that this whole thing from the beginning was mishandled. there is a narrative building that president obama is not strong enough. he is not able to deal with people like nancy pelosi and harry reid. forget mahmoud ahmadinejad and hugo chavez. he got rolled by these people in the very beginning and lost control of the debate. bill: see, i see it a little bit different. let me tell you how i see it i see it a little bit differently. i don't think he lost control of it i don't think he understands it i listened very closely to the president five times trying to explain that bill, five times he could not explain it to me. >> what bill? we don't even know what's in the bill. harry reid is playing "hide the bill." all these people belong on the island of misfit politicians. let's keep with the christmas
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theme. i don't think any of these people are connecting with the american people. i think there are a few people who have tried to get into the details and explain what the comparative effectiveness research in this bill will end up doing to treatment options for people who need really advanced treatment for special diseases and so forth. i think we're figuring out that $400 billion from medicare is going to profoundly effect the lives of the elderly. bill: that's the debate we had last night, absolutely. i want to switch over to the navy seals. there are two of them coming up for trial shortly. another one, we're not exactly sure what his status is. this is a bogus thing from the jump. >> these three guys, they arrested a terrorist, the guy allegedly responsible for the fallujah massacre of the blackwater people, the guys hanging from the bridge. somebody says they punched the guy in the stomach. it's ridiculous. where does it stand now? >> well, right now, bill, dozens of members of congress wrote a letter, all republicans wrote a letter to secretary gates urging him to look into this matter. obviously this is a trivial issue. the idea that these three navy
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seals should be court martialled for doing their jobs is preposterous. it's terrorist resistance 101 to claim abuse. it's going to be abed's word against the word of the navy seals in court. how can that be good for special operations around the world. bill: corroboration at all. i'm not sure about that just the beef is so low rent, punching somebody in the stomach. >> bloody nose, too. bill: i didn't even know about the bloody nose. >> that's a rumor. i mean, we don't even know. the bottom line is -- bill: we know it's a punch in the stomach but to take three seals and to parade them through the process for that is ridiculous. so, do you think it's going to be dropped? do you think gates is going to respond. >> i think it's going to be dropped. meanwhile colonel hassan continues to get more of the benefit of the doubt than our seals. something is wrong. bill: we will continue to follow this story and so will lauer. lauer, merry christmas to you. next on the rundown, will liberal americans work against barack obama from now on.
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later, megyn kelly on a little kid who may be in trouble for drawing a cross. you see it there in a christmas display, coming up.
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bill: impact segment tonight with some far left americans furious over the obama care debacle, the question now becomes county president win this element back? joining us from washington dr. christopher mess ler, an associate dean at georgetown
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university. and sally quinn, "the washington post" staff writer. hi, ms. quinn, you know the town. howard dean make going out of his way to embarrass the president. the liberal cable networks all over mr. obama. is this just a temporary deal or can he win them back? >> i think it's a temporary deal. one thing that you know and that i know, we all know, having watched presidents come into the white house is that they make promises that they can't keep because they realize that they are the president of the entire country and not just one wing of the party. and so it's totally realistic that obama is going to have to move to the center and that he is going to have to make compromises in order to get anything done. so, yes, the left wing is going to scream like a bunch of stuck pigs just the way the right wing would. if something came up that they didn't like that their president was doing. i think that everybody knows perfectly well that obama is not going to veer to the left just
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to please a few small number of people. bill: let's take john mccain for example. he lost a lot of conservative support because of the kennedy-mccain amnesty, illegal alien thing and a lot of other things. he never got it back. there were conservative americans, i think, who stayed home and didn't vote for him even though sarah palin was on the ticket to asswage them. and i don't know, have you read the huffington post and the coast and all of these crazy left wing blogs? they are really going after. move on, they are going after president obama. they are saying we are going to work against people who don't do what we want, and that includes him. >> i just don't think it's a big deal. i think that that is the issue of the moment. they will scream and yell for a while but the fact is. bill: and they will go back. >> they all want some sort of health care reform. bill: do you see it that way. >> i don't see it that way at all. i think the fact is that he is, except for the party crashers, i
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think probably the party crashers are the only ones who are going to continue to support him. what i do think is that, in fact, if he loses the far left, and if he continues to lose everyone else, that there is no place else for him to go. not to mention the fact that a lot of people on the far left, in particular, are absolutely saying, you know, hey, what have you done for me lately? and i think that's the problem. i think he is not consistently doing a number of the things that they had expected him to do. this is not change that we can believe in. bill: wait. as i said to laura ingraham, there is a difference between liberal america and far left america. 20% of americans consider themselves liberal according to the poll. the "new york times" the "the washington post" where ms. quinn works, they will, when this health care bill gets passed, i believe it will be passed in january, they will be happy. the "new york times" will be happy, "the washington post" will be happy, "boston globe," abc news, not the cable but the straight broadcast. they will all be happy. the fire dog lakes and the coss
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and the huffington post, these people won't be happy. but the question becomes do they try to subvert the obama administration, almost killing themselves pause if you kill president obama be, and i use that word politically speaking, if you damage him, chances are the republicans are going to win next time around, professor. you know that. >> i don't think that that. bill: let the professor go and then i will go with you ms. quinn. >> ok. >> i think you are right in the -- from the perspective of where else do they have to go. bill: yeah, they have got nowhere else to go. >> they have nowhere else to go. but i do think, in fact, they may not actively support him but they may not support him at all. i think here is the problem for me. the difficulty is if they don't actively come out against him, you are not going to see the kind of people who have come up for him in droves. a number of them are simply going to become disengaged. i go back to what i said earlier. the question is what has he done for them lately, and the answer is not much.
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bill: ok. ms. quinn, if that happens, if the far left peels off as move on, and they are pretty much calling the shots in the far left arena, says it will. move on is basically saying, long, if you support this health care bill without all the government intrusion, we're going to try to get you knocked out. they are threatening their own party, the democratic party. so i see it as a pretty serious issue, ms. quinn. you see it as well, they will be mad for a couple of weeks and come back. i'm not so sure. i will give you the last word. >> well, the last word is this. this ultimately a moral issue is whether people get health care or not. and you know that there are huge numbers of religious leaders who are backing this, including the conference's catholic bishops of all different faiths. and liberals and republicans. bill: the devil is in the details, the abortion thing and the public thing. i know that. >> right. i think that the people who are against obama, the far left are still will have to realize that having some kind of health care
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bill is a moral issue. bill: better than having none. >> and better than having nothing. bill: it will be interesting to see how that plays out. thank you both. merry christmas. directly ahead, it is a tea party mania. a new poll shows that new movement is gaining support all across america. will the tea party replace the republican party? and, later, culture warriors on teenagers sectioning with their gadgets. those reports upcoming.
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>> factor follow-up segment tonight, new "wall street journal" poll says there is a big political change going on in america right now. 35% of americans see the democratic party favorably. 28% say they like the republican party. but, a whopping 41% now say they
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support the tea party which is stunning when you think about it. so, will the tea party become america's third political party? joining us from washington ned ryan, president of the american majority, an organization that trains tea party politicians. and here in the studio fox news analyst mike gallagher a radio talk show host. you are a republican, right? >> yes, sir, i am. bill: so the tea party is now, i think, threatening the republican party. this is almost the exact opposite of what we just talked about where the far left is threatening the democratic party. enough to the pea party is threatening the republican party. >> i would happily trade my republican card for a tea party card if there was such a thing. bill: tea party organizes for 212 presidential run you would bail. >> all over it. become the biggest cheerleader, millions of americans would too. perfect storm. this far outweighs the revolutionary aspect supposedly of ron paul or before that. bill: let's be realistic very, very hard to develop because of the rules, voting rules, money
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and everything else of a viable third party. you, mike gallagher, who have been a republican. >> all my life. bill: are willing to throw the republican party under the bus. why? what's wrong with the g.o.p.? >> there is a lot wrong with the g.o.p. the g.o.p. isn't acting like the g.o.p. anymore. and the republican leadership, many men and women i admire are acting like we have to go to the middle, we have to go -- we have -- bill: too wimpy. >> yeah. they are afraid to play ball the way the left play balls. these guys play hard ball. you know what the radical left is like. even moderate republicans are afraid to roll up their sleeves. the tea party spirit, and i was all over the country. i spoke at rallies in dallas and south carolina and los angeles. the movement is passionate. it's energized and it's significant, bill. bill: mr. ryan, what is the key to somebody watching now? we're in about 90 countries all over the world. so somebody watching us now in, say, africa, and they don't understand what the tea party is all about. give me one or two sentences to
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sum it up. >> it is a group of very concerned and growing american citizens who are deeply concerned about the fiscal issues that we're confronting, the idea and the role of government, and the role it should play in people's lives. bill: so smaller government. >> exactly. bill: smaller government, less government spending, less intrusion at the federal level. >> exactly. bill: more power locally. social issues? social issues? >> here is the thing. i would say a lot of them are socially conservative, but the issues that are driving them are the ideas of limited government, fiscal responsibility. if i could go back a little bit to what mike was saying earlier, you know, i think this thing that we're confronting and, again, this is a very positive poll, i think, to show 41% approval. bill: stunning. 41% of americans like the tea party? >> exactly. one of the things that i'm trying to do is communicate to those that are involved in the trainings that american majority
11:24 pm
does. we did 154 this year in 26 different states. here is the political reality you are confronted with, history and very constricted state laws. you are confronted with a system that maybe isn't perfect. how are you going to inact the best -- bill: you got to break to down. i mean, you have just got to kick the door in like perot did and other people did. >> you have got to have candidates that are attractive. bill: palin is europe candidate. >> sure she is. >> the american system is a two-party system. i don't believe there can be three major parties. bill: you don't believe there can be? three. >> no, i don't. bill: so you want the tea party to take over the republican party? >> why not? bill: i don't know. i don't care. >> but, wait a minute. bill: i just want to know what your strategy is. >> here is the thing, a party is merely a vehicle by which people achieve political end. it's just a name. >> that's fine. i don't know why that -- but, ned, i don't know why the tea party can't marry the republican party. i don't knowdo you know why thea merging because a lot of the
11:25 pm
solid republican ideals are being lost. that's why the tea party is emerging. bill: you both want, it's obvious that tea party moderate wing of the republican party and they would all coal over. >> that's a cuff word. not overwhelm. be welcomed, ingratiates themselves. nothing wrong with that that's a good thing. >> i would say, bill, infuse the party with those principles that have made us a great nation. >> infuse. >> it used to be the republican party used to believe in these principles. bill: what if there is a primary that runs rahm against palin sr. something like that. you might have what you want. because if palin would win the primary, she would take the tea party philosophy and put it in a platform. that's interesting. rather than go to a third party and all of that roar roar, you want to basically overthrow the moderates, bring in the tea party philosophy and let that rule the g.o.p. it's very interesting because that's what's going to happen on the other side, too. >> it is. that's what they're doing on the left.
11:26 pm
>> really what i want to see, bill, is a return to those principles that have made us great. >> you bet. >> you can call those republican values. you can call them tea party but the ideas of limited government fiscal responsibility. bill: the far left wants to take over the democratic party and the tea party people want to take over the republican. >> times for pitch forks. pitch -- bill: if you are the parent of a teenager. you know sectioning is big. >> me and my boyfriend are so in love it's amazing. a few weeks ago he asked me to text him a naked photo of myself first i was like no way i don't let anyone see me naked. bill: culture warriors are investigating sectioning. and then megyn kelly on a woman who kills her newborn baby and walks away free. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. oñmñmñmñ+ñ
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call the number on your screen... for your free brochure. bill: viewer warning. sexually explicit material straight ahead. dealing with young people sexting. >> me and my boyfriend are so in love. it's amazing. a few weeks ago he asked me to text him a naked photo of myself at first i was like no way i don't let anyone see me naked i don't even let my dog watch me undress. he promised he wouldn't show it
11:30 pm
to no one so i did it it's no big deal. it's not like the whole world is going to see me naked or anything. >> if someone pressures to you send a revealing photo, you have the right to say no. there is a thin line between him and the whole school. bill: all right here now the culture warriors "fox & friends" co-anchor gretchen carlson and fox news analyst margaret hoover. how big a problem is this, do you think. >> actually it's a pretty big problem. i was looking into this the national campaign to prevent teen unplanned pregnancy 1200 kids last year they found out that 33% of girls and 36% of guys actually said that they had sent semi nude or nude photos of themselves to their friends. this is kids between the age of 13 and 19. this is pretty prevalent, bill. bill: it's a third of the american. >> one in three teens. gretchen: not only for the sexual ramifications for how they can get themselves in trouble sexually, but also the future of their lives. employers are now looking to facebook and these other places to see what these kids are like. they are going to see these
11:31 pm
photos. bill: when i taught high school in the 70's, there was bad behavior going on. i mean, kids got pregnant. there was drug use. but it was kind of behind the curtain. it wasn't that open. you had to ferd it out. this, every kid must know if you are going to do that and send it out they don't know. >> they don't know that. if they all watched "the o'reilly factor," they would know that they always get caught. bill: got the stupid machine in your hand, ok? >> they are invincible, bill. kids are invincible. they don't realize this will follow them for the rest of their lives. bill: this is why i don't buy it when i was a teenager and you think back when you were teenagers there was bad stuff offered to me. there was bad stuff going on. in my neighborhood there was heroin. there was drag racing in the sense that you go 100 miles per hour and, you know. but, if you choose to -- if you chose to do it, everybody knows that you could get caught and get in a lot of trouble. >> they live in this life of technology. bill: what do you mean they? i was a teenager, we were a teenager. >> this was his kay in my
11:32 pm
generation, you might xerox a body part. bill: but your face isn't in. >> there exactly. that was going over the line. but now these kids have grown up in an era of technology so they don't understand. >> my question is, everybody knows what's right and wrong, ok? they know this isn't right. so they do it anyway and they don't think they are going to get caught? >> here is exactly why they are doing it. the same pressures that were on you as a 17-year-old are on 13 to 17-year-olds right now, peer pressure, wanting to be liked. trying to get attention. two thirds of the kids -- listen to me. bill: i don't remember wanting to be liked. >> some things never change. bill: made a lot of money off it, but i never had that peer pressure. >> two thirds of the kids in the 70's said they were doing it because they were trying to -- flirt flirtatious. bill: it's always been the case. >> do you ever think when you are speeding and you are 19 years old down the highway that you are actually going to get in a car wreck and i do? no. they do it because they think they are invincible.
11:33 pm
bill: the odds of you getting caught smoking pot are low. the odds of you getting caught sending naked pictures to somebody else are high. if these guys don't know that, come on. they got the gadgets. >> this is the heart of the matter. this is why this campaign is so important. this is why this campaign is so important and it's not just going to be these ads. they are going to go full force ahead, mtv is in trying to educate these young people about how this could change their lives. bill: mtv which trades in stuff like this, fallacious stuff. >> i'm glad it is. bill: i am, too. i guess kids are just stupid. >> yeah, they are. they are kids. bill: i was stupid. before you write me letters, i was the dumbest -- that's what bold fresh is all about. how stupid was i? read my book. as stupid as i was, i never would have done that. >> this is an excellent resource though that mtv is putting up for teachers, coaches, mentors. bill: carlson, you are kind of a
11:34 pm
sports person. you follow sports, right? >> i am. yes. bill: woods is voted athlete of the decade. what are you? what do you say. >> i say he should have been voted athlete of the decade. this was not father of the year. this was not hufs the year. this was purely on the abilities of his golf game. bill: but isn't golf a game? not a sport? i know it's hard and it is hard, very, very hard. i used to play it. but i always felt it was a game. not a sport. hockey is a sport. >> but what does that have to do with the other things that we have found out about his life right now? bill: nothing. i'm just talking about his athletic produce pow produce ease. >> if this would have happened when bill o'reilly was growing up 50 years ago, not to date you or anything, there is no way he would have been voted athlete of the decade given recent revelations and transgressions. bill: babe ruth was worse than tiger woods they didn't know about it. >> they just didn't know about it, margaret. bill: they wouldn't have reported it. >> there has been a cultural
11:35 pm
shift in the last 50 years. bill: would you say he is athlete of the decade. >> i would have voted for lance armstrong. bill: i don't like armstrong very much but it's a lot harder to ride that bike than swing that club. and you have got a guy carrying a bag for you. you don't even carry the bag. you got a guy carrying it. what kind of athletics is that? >> let me add one last point which is this. once we found out what he was up to during his free time, all the more reason why he should be athlete of the decade. we all thought he was practicing golf? bill: he was exhausted playing these tournaments? >> he could be that great of a golfer and have this side life? bill: and have no sleep whatsoever. >> i'm not condoning it. >> it's crazy. >> he san maying -- he is an amazing golfer. >> i totally disagree. i think lance armstrong is a better athlete. bill: hoover, he had to be a little tired: culture warriors, everybody. when we come back, the kelly file looks at a woman murdering
11:36 pm
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bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight, three hot topics beginning with a mother in virginia gave birth to a baby girl and then killed the infant
11:39 pm
on the spot. the authorities are not going to charge the woman. here now attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. you know, this is ridiculous, is it not? >> yeah. it is horrible. this is a 21-year-old woman in the area of lynchburg, virginia, which is largely conservative, none the less, there is a law in place as there is in many states in this country that says you are not guilty of murdering your own child if the child was, a a, -- has to be born alive and the child has to be able to be independent of the mother. and in this case. bill: the umbilical cord is still attached you can smotherer or stab your baby to death and you are not going to be charged. >> yes. bill: why is this law in the books? >> in virginia they noticed this loophole months ago and there was a push to change the law and they had a crime commission look into it and said this is a problem. the legislature is just coming back into session in january. bill: what is the genesis of a law that says that? i mean, why would any time in this -- our nation's history.
11:40 pm
>> this is why. it has to do with still birth deaths where back in the day they were blaming those on mothers and trying to charge them, you know, with murder. bill: now with medical technology you can tell the cause of death. so you don't need these arc cake laws. >> all you need is a law that says live birth. the mother kills the baby then that's murder. there shouldn't be other requirement that the infant be separated in every way from the mother. bill: we want the virginia legislature to take action. any other state that has this get this off the book. >> they had to do it emergency basis. there is a senator down there newman who is pushing for. this when he goes back in january he will push for an emergency state of the law put it in place by february. bill: this can't happen again. does she say why she killed her baby. >> she is not talking. i did hear from the authorities down there that she has expressed zero remorse. none. she said basically are you sorry did you it? she said no. and virginia has so many laws making it so easy to drop off a baby, you know, so that it can
11:41 pm
be adopted. you can leave it anywhere. anywhere. no questions asked. bill: woman murdered a human being and walks out. >> as soon as they change the law she is going to get away with murder. bill: cyber bullying big problem around the nation and it's vicious in some cases. but, you can be a cyber bully now in school and nothing can happen to you. a judge ruled, what? >> out in california this girl in beverly hills went out and made a nasty youtube video about a girl in her school. they said terrible things about her. bill: high school we are talking about. >> they said terrible things about this girl and produced it it on youtube and girl reduced to tears. the school suspended the boy. that happens to be the beverly hills lawyer. daddy filed lawsuit on her behalf challenging the suspension and won. while the circumstances are unfortunate, no one likes a bully. bill: how vicious was the stuff. >> the judge is probably right it was cruel. talked about how she is the ugliest thing they had ever seen. how she was -- i don't even know if you can repeat these words
11:42 pm
impugning her sexual history and so on. and the judge found that the problem is it was off campus. it wasn't marketed in any particular way. bill: could the. >> during campus hours. bill: parents of the victim sue slander and libel. >> might have that. bill: i would go right back at them. >> this needs to be taken up with the parents. daddy needs to be less concerned about filing a lawsuit and more concerned with -- bill: i understand that a judge is looking, look. the school authorities extends to the campus. but now. >> and beyond the campus if it causes substantial interference on campus. bill: but it did. because this child can't learn properly under this kind of a mental siege. >> the judge disagreed with that. bill: the judge is a pinhead. >> i know you and your judges. when it comes to just hurt feelings, that's not a substantial destruction. bill: no, no. it's more than that the girl has to go to high school and now is an emotional wreck. that impugns her ability to learn.
11:43 pm
>> that doesn't amount to a substantial interference with the school activities. it has to be more persuasive than that, bill. bill: school activities is educating the student. >> can't be one person. bill: i hope the family of the victim goes after the bully in the libel and slander round. >> i think so, too. it's an unfortunate shame we can't name the bully because. bill: she is under aged. >> sued under her initials. she know what is she did and other little girls out there stand up for the one who is being bullied. don't be the bully. bill: that's a cowardly thing to be. don't be that. in massachusetts an-year-old draws a picture of a cross in conjunction with an art christmas deal and what happened here because the school says nothing happened. the kid's father says he was thrown out. >> the father came out and said that the kid was suspended for doing. this. bill: how old is the kid. >> 8 or 9 according to various reports. he said it's a violation of the kid's religious rights. all these get up and said it is, it is, it is. outrageous. the school finally comes out and
11:44 pm
says hold on. he wasn't suspended. what happened was he told the teacher that was a picture of himself. and because he was drawing himself on a cross hanging, and. bill: that's a picture of himself. >> xed out his eyes. >> does the kid weigh one pound. >> according to the kid. bill: what happened to the kid. >> they sat him down and gave psychological evaluation. bill: for drawing that picture? >> because he said it was him. bill: so what? >> let me put this scenario. he draws that picture. bill: yeah. >> he is hanging on a cross. his eyes are xed out and name is above it. then he comes to school two days later and hangs himself. do you want to talk lawsuit? bill: i think it's way way way over the line. it didn't have anything to do with religion. are you satisfied that's true. >> i'm satisfied that's true. bill: kelly, if you are satisfied it's true, then i'm satisfied it's true. kelly file, everybody. reality check, up next, god help us, but we are going to make fun of al gore. i'm sorry. also, we will show you a 4-year-old crime machine. don't miss it. check is next.
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bill: back of the book segment tonight reality check where we monitor the world for accuracy and information you should know. check one, i was very pleased that not many factor viewers wrote nasty emails about my visit to the white house on tuesday night. that made me happy because christmas is a time when americans should come together, no matter what their political beliefs. there were a few negative letters like this one from debbie who lives in illinois. i'm withholding the last name. bill: well, as i told laura ingraham on the top of the program, i was extremely complimentary to laura bush, madam. you need to take a good look at yourself. why would you have resent my kindness towards michelle obama at a christmas party. what's driving that?
11:49 pm
check it it it two, also not a fan of barack obama is our pal hugo chavez. >> violence somewhere in this room amongst us coming through the corridors underneath. and that ghost is a terrible ghost nobody wants to name him or her. it's capitalism. i think obama isn't here yet. he got the nobel peace prize almost the same day as he sent 30,000 soldiers off to kill innocent people in afghanistan. bill: does he not look like mr. potato head? remember mr. potato head? i got that for christmas one
11:50 pm
time. there is no truth to the rumor that hugo will soon have his own program on msnbc. that is not true. check three, speaking of cable news broadcasting and cable magazine has released this assessment, quote: bill: of course that is due to you and hugo chavez who watches this program each evening, i'm sure. check four, sad story in tennessee wright walked out of his house at 4:00 a.m. and walked into a neighbor's house through unlocked door. there he stole christmas presents including a girl's dress which he put on. police found little hayden wearing the dress walking around
11:51 pm
the neighborhood. now, hayden's father is in jail. his mother is getting a divorce, which pretty much tells us all we need to know. check five. who knew al gore is a poet but he is. here is proof. >> one thin september soon a floating continent disappears in midnight sun. vapors rise as fever settles on an acid sea. nuclear weapon tunes bones dissolve. snow glides from the mountain, ice fathers floods for a season. hard rain comes quickly. then dirt is parched, kindling is placed in the forest for the lightning celebration. unknown creatures take their leave unmourned, horse men ready their stirrups. passion seeks heroes and friends the bell of the city on the hill is rung. the shepard cries. the hour of choosing has arrived. here are your tools. >> wow, i am so glad you read that i'm.
11:52 pm
>> impressed? >> i'm happy to hear it in your voice. bill: i'm happy, too. and finally check six, police in sparta, wisconsin, have cited 55-year-old tom arnold for being drunk and bothering children. apparently arnold, dressed as santa, was asking kids the whereabouts of his reindeer. >> he is not like alcohol so i knew it wasn't the real santa because santa doesn't drink alcohol. >> 9-year-old katie dockery says the santa that ended up in her lawn was loud and had really dirty hands. he tried to put his hat on her little sister. 6-year-old zoey describes him in one word. >> drunk. >> yelling at him. you have seen my reindeer if you see my reindeer, call me right away. >> the girl's mom called the police instead. >> he thought he was spreading good cheer and in some lights he may have been but i don't think that mr. arnold had any ill-intent. i believe that, you know, his
11:53 pm
level of intoxication probably impaired his judgment. bill: probably impaired his judgment? ok. that is reality check. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring toby keith and blondey, right back with it. .
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bill: time for "pinheads & patriots." bob dylan has a christmas album out which is incredible beyond
11:56 pm
anything i've ever heard so does a 70's rock group blondie. >> ♪ bearing gifts we travel afar following the star to crown him again king forever ♪ bill: is that patriotic? you make the call. where is nat king cole when you need him? on the pinhead front country singer toby keith showed up at the nobel peace prize exhibition and got into trouble with this performance with will smith. ♪ all right. now, for making the slanted eye gesture, mr. keith is a pinhead.
11:57 pm
although we do acknowledge he does a lot of good work with the troops. hard to see there. but he did that thing. and you can't do that. and almost last call for great christmas gifts from -- from if you buy the mat you'll get a free american tote back. what a deal. we also have american patriot mats. there they are. we have them in blue, too, which i like. and with mats, mugs, hats and shirts. so make somebody happy and remember all the money i get from goes to charity. now the mail. the economy was bad last year when the bushes were hosting. and i didn't hear from you then.
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because they don't have anything else, denny. that's all i got. it's the factor viewer that buys stuff on that makes this all possible. i wish everybody in funny river, alaska, a merry christmas.
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my mom. can get away with it. excellent, robby. and thanks for the nice plug. our website, the factor website, on the fox news band. and check out fox -- the that's a good website. and how about emailing us with pithy comments. name and town, name and town, name and town if you wish to opine and when writing to "the factor" the word of the day please don't be a quidnunc. i haven't heard anybody say don't be a quidnunc except me. i'm bill o'reilly. we hope to see you next time. and remember, the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you.


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